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Availability: We are unable to fill custom orders at this time. You can download free plans to build your own at the end of this page.

We are not able to build this item for you, but you can download the free plans (see the link at the bottom of the page) and build it yourself. Or, if you'd just like to buy one from a skilled carpenter, contact

We call it the VersaHorse to symbolize the versatility of this classic bondage horse design.  VersaHorse is the basis for a "system" of versatile attachments - see the Pillory and Pegasus Bench attachments for examples.  By itself, VersaHorse provides 9 tie-down straps to hold the subject in place and in perfect position for spanking, paddling, flogging, or penetration.  The straps fix the upper and lower arms, upper and lower legs, and back (not shown in pictures) to the VersaHorse.


To see details of how the VersaHorse and its attachments work, see the VersaHorse Album.

A standard Horse is 32" tall at the head, 30" at the rear, and 25" wide at the floor (you can build it taller or shorter if that's a better fit).  Arm and Leg rests have a wide range of mounting points to allow for different size people and different effects.  The Head Rests are removable to provide access to the subject's mouth.  Storage for the Arm and Leg Rests is provided internally to minimize space when the VersaHorse is folded up for storage.  When folded, it will fit under a bed with 8" of clearance - 7" if you remove the Top.

This piece of equipment supports up to 250 lbs.


For additional pictures and examples of finishes, see the Gallery section. 




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