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Pandora’s Chest is a traditional linen chest that converts to a kneeling bench, pelvic exam bench, or bent-over crossbar. Each play position is easily disassembled in a few minutes - without tools, and reassembled into its everyday form. And from chest back to play just as easily. Pandora’s Chest is 20" tall (26” including bolsters), 44” wide, and 18” deep. The linen storage area is approximately 4 cubic feet, making Pandora’s Chest practical for everyday use and display - in plain sight!


  This ... is ... this  or this  

This piece of equipment supports 250 lbs.

Both Bolsters easily detach from the chest lid by unscrewing the knobs. Once detached, their brackets fit into the chest body at the ends or front to give your playmate something comfortable to kneel upon. Comfy for hard floors!

Steel Outriggers hold the legs vertically in the “pelvic exam” position as well as to hold the Crossbar in the bent-over position. For play, the Outrigger halves screw together, pass through an eyebolt, and are inserted into a Retaining block.


When not in use, all “Outrigger” components store neatly and discreetly in a “secret drawer” in the rear of Pandora’s Chest when not in use.


The Outriggers have mounting points every few inches so leg eyebolt attachments or the Crossbar can be mounted anywhere from a few inches to nearly three feet above the bench top. 

For additional pictures see the Gallery section.  Watch the slideshow to see step-by-step conversion from Linen Chest to Bondage Bench.




Download the free plans.

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